Waddesdon Greenway

Connecting Waddesdon Manor and Aylesbury

The Haydon Hill extension was opened on 24 August 2021, linking the Greenway to the central Aylesbury via the Emerald Way. The route was designed by Greenways, who obtained all the permission and supervised construction, Greenfords built it, Buckinghamshire Council were the client and Sustrans were the funders.


The Waddesdon Greenway links Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire with Aylesbury Vale Parkway station offering a direct train service to central London. You can find the original proposals for the route here: Waddesdon Manor report

Planning permission for the original route was granted on 22 December 2017 – a welcome Christmas present.  Preparatory work started in February 2018 and excavation on 23 April.  The route was opened on 13th September 2018 by Jesse Norman, Transport Minister responsible for walking and cycling, and celebrated its first birthday with a celebratory ride on 14 April 2019.

The Greenway trail was completed with the help of volunteers who helped to build two bridges, fill and lay 3,000 sandbags for 25 culvert headwalls, build and install benches and plant 6,000 hedgerow plants and 53 new trees.

Please email greenwaysandcycleroutes@gmail.com if you would like to join us, or simply want to know more.

You can become a supporter of the route by completing this form.

Waddesdon Greenway

2 thoughts on “Waddesdon Greenway”

  1. I have always understood Waddesden Greenway was a multi-user track but there is
    no mention of horse riders in your signage or literature. Why is this?


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