Supporting Local Projects

Greenways gets many requests for advice and support from local groups campaigning to put in place a vital traffic free route to transform their area.  In the last year alone the North Devon Cycling Campaign has asked if we can help bring forward the long-delayed link from Willingcott to Braunton to plug a major gap in the Devon C2C route.  The Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club, and other local groups, have asked us to assist with their aspiration to make a greenway from their new station to Taunton along the line of the former Grand Western Canal, a pipedream that nowadays only exists in fragments.  Curry Rivel’s Parish Council has called on us to support their need to bypass the A378 with a traffic-free route to Langport.  Members of the Sonning Common Cycleway Working Party have been to see our work at Aylesbury for ideas and guidance.  The Sheppey Light Rail Group want to create a greenway from Sheerness to Leysdown-on-Sea.  The Harrogate Cycling Campaign asked us to prepare a detailed study from Harrogate to Spofforth and Wetherby, something we were only too pleased to do because of the magnificent Prospect Tunnel on this railway route.  And nearer to home we are working with the Mireystock Tunnel Group to extend the Forest of Dean cycling routes to Lydbrook and the Wye.

This list just goes to show how communities across the countryside are desperate to see safe and attractive traffic-free routes in their area and are determined to make progress despite only too often the lack of support from official bodies.

Greenways and Cycleroutes is a very small organisation, and we simply cannot provide anything like the support we would like to, nor can we guarantee delivery of all these finished routes.  But wherever possible we visit the group and walk the route to suggest practical details and discuss ways forward, we encourage groups to visit our works, and we can enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) so we can work together to put each local scheme into a wider context, fit to be included in the National Active Travel Programme.