Buckingham Park Link Official Opening

On Wednesday 12th October 2022, the new shared use path between the Berryfields and Buckingham Park developments, now known as St Peter’s Greenway, was officially opened to the public.

Snipping expertly through the ribbon, Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Transport, Steve Broadbent said: “Before the opening of this Greenway, you only had the choice of using the shared path running next to Martin Dalby Way – which is a busy road – or using a path by the River Thame which was prone to flooding. Now this wide path with its hard standing and gentle gradient is a much more attractive and accessible proposition for walking, cycling, and wheeling.”

Steve Broadbent added “Creating these greenways makes it easy and enjoyable for people to walk and cycle which is great for both mental and physical health. It also makes it easier for people to make low carbon journeys by active travel, train and bus.”

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