Buckingham Park Link

The new link from Buckingham Park to Berryfields was opened in September 2022 allowing people to follow a traffic free greenway all the way to Aylesbury Vale Parkway Station and Waddesdon. The path crosses the Quarrendon Historic lands owned by the Buckinghamshire Conservation Trust who have been greatly supportive. The construction of this 1.8 kilometer long path was carried out by Jack Hazell and his team over just 4 weeks. The work was managed by Greenways and Cycleroutes for Buckinghamshire Council who funded all the work.

New route is highlighted below. This is the Google Maps location.

If you are local to the area do keep a good watch over the work to see how a beautiful path has been pieced together. The Greenway will connect up extensive networks of local routes at each end so we anticipate that it will be well used now that it is open.

Click here to see the planning document.