Chisholm Trail Opening

Cambridge: Chisholm Trail Stage 1. Saturday 16th July 2022.

This very ambitious scheme will connect the cycle route alongside the busway from St. Ives through to Cambridge Station and the busway Cycleroutes southwards to Addenbrookes for the Millennium Mile to Great Shelford.

Greenway and Cycleroutes has played a small part in this project in that we prepared the initial route design for Cambridge County Council and undertook the necessary land negotiations along the route.  One consequence of this is that Greenways acquired the ownership of a section of the disused Mildenhall Railway which makes the link from Ditton Meadows (Owned by Gonville and Caius College) to the Leper Chapel (Cambridge Past, Present and Future land) and the new underpass beneath the Newmarket Road which leads to Coldham’s Common.

Whilst this land is a comparatively small part of the overall scheme, this does illustrate the value of including independent route development charities such as Greenways on the overall task force for these large projects.

See the planning document here.