Preliminary Work

The process of working out practical greenway routes is deliciously complex and coalesces from a combination of local groups’ hopes, the need to bypass awful traffic on main roads, supportive landowners and opportunities such as old railway corridors.

Preliminary work in advance of submitting planning applications and schemes in their early stages include the following:

The Westcott Extension of the Waddesdon Greenway to connect Aylesbury with Westcott and the Venture Park.

The Waddesdon School Link to connect the Waddesdon Greenway more directly with the village.

The Buckinghamshire Greenway section from Quainton to Calvert and Claydon House is the object of long negotiations with HS2 to convince them to provide space to link local communities together rather than to sever them forever.  Even though construction of the new High-Speed Railway is well underway, the final details of the Buckinghamshire Greenway Section we are involved with are not yet confirmed.

Shepton Mallet to Wells

With the completion of the Dulcote Link (opened March 4th, 2022) we are hoping to make further progress on this exceptionally beautiful section of the old railway.

Once details of these routes are agreed upon and worked out then we anticipate submitting a planning application that will make publicly available the arrangements of the routes proposed.