Brean Down Way

The ribbon is cutDownload a leaflet for the new route here:


50,000 people passed our counters on the Brean Down Way in the six months after its opening in July 2017.

Greenways and Cycleroutes secured funding to complete the missing section of a walking and cycling route linking Weston-super-Mare and Brean Down, in Somerset.  Work started in February 2017, our work camp between 22 April and 1 May saw most of the route constructed, and with the Environment Agency’s work on its own security fences on the sluices the route opened on 7 July.

We owe many thanks to the following for funding and support:


The Brean and Weston-super-Mare route via the Brean Cross Sluices over the River Axe is an example of a long sought scheme which has been difficult because of its crossing from North Somerset to Somerset Councils.

People holidaying in the area can now plan trips, and indeed arrange their whole holiday, without the use of the car. For example Weston-super-Mare is in easy reach of holiday makers in Brean avoiding the drive of much longer distances including ‘junction-hopping’ on the M5 motorway. As well as reducing fuel use and emissions whilst on holiday, this route should inspire people who haven’t cycled before, or for a long time, to take up regular cycling once they get home from the holiday. We hope this project will have a wide influence beyond the holiday week itself. For walkers who tackle the local section of the national coastal path, there will be an interesting and complementary section of safe walking inland taking in the magnificent views from Brean Down and the natural charm of Uphill.

Greenways and Cycleroutes has taken the lead on the route between the River Axe and Brean – with North Somerset Council constructing the route between Weston and the River Axe.