Ashton Court Greenway

Three volunteer workdays on 13,15 and 16 January saw the new route well underway. With 35 volunteers we relocated fencing, constructed new fencing, planted over 300 hedging plants and tidied the felled timber to create habitat piles. The contractors have started preparing the route for stoning. We expect to see the path opened before Easter 2020

We have secured funding, thanks to Veolia Limited, Sustrans and North Somerset Council, and discharged the necessary planning conditions thanks to the City Council staff at Ashton Court. In December we carried out the preliminary tree work.

This is what we started with:                and this is what we have now:

Planning permission was granted on 30 May 2019 to complete the missing link in the Festival Way connecting Nailsea and central Bristol. This short level route would connect the long Ashton Gate with the UWE site in Kennel Lodge Road, avoiding the awkward and busy estate roads up to the house and back again.

You can view the planning document here:

Ashton Court planning document Jan 2019