Good news at a dark time

In what has been a pretty grim December, Greenways has had a productive month.

On the Wye Valley Greenway, our contractors have completed the route north and south of the tunnel. We plan to open the route to the public in April. This work has been funded by the Rural Payments Agency LEADER Programme, to whom we are very grateful.

Our Wye Valley volunteers, socially distanced, installed fencing and a gate on the Bishton Lane ramp – thanks to Jeremy Cowen and team for coordinating this.

And at Ashton Court our volunteers have helped to restore the Grade 1 historic landscape created by Humphry Repton. Historic England asked us to create ‘windows’ in the tree belt, to open vistas from the Mansion to the grassland beyond. Thanks to Deb Erskine for coordinating this.

2 thoughts on “Good news at a dark time”

  1. Hi,

    Do you guys know when the Tidenham Tunnel is opening, and if there will be anything to mark the occasion?

    We’ve heard early April, some are assuming April 1st, but there’s not much info. Any help would be appreciated.



    1. Apologies for not picking this up sooner – but it was in part deliberate. The tunnel did open from 1 April as planned, but we kept quiet about it as we wanted to check how people behaved in the tunnel before it attracted more users.
      There is now a dedicated website for the Wye Valley Greenway. The tunnel is open 8 to 6 in April, 7 to 7 from 1 May to mid August, and then 8 to 6 to the end of September.
      We hope you enjoy it – but please could we ask you to pass on the following message to your members for the benefit of the bats and other users:

      No lights, cycle slowly, and keep left.

      Caroline Levett
      for Greenways and Cycleroutes


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