Beachley Viaduct Link

As you stand on the quay where the old Severn Ferry used to depart from the tip of the Beachley viaduct on the English side of the river Wye near Chepstow you find yourself under the Severn Bridge – but completely unable to get up on to it to make the crossing to Aust. Greenways and Cycleroutes volunteer John Richfield has come up with a scheme that would enable walkers and cyclists to do just that. It is set out in this document 20 11 03 Beachley Viaduct Link.


2 thoughts on “Beachley Viaduct Link”

  1. This is an amazing idea.

    There is talk (dreams) of an active travel bridge from the Chepstow Shipyard redevelopment to Sedbury, which would create a traffic free link to the Wye Valley Greenway. If this new plan could link in to our hopes for our active travel bridge it would revolutionise active travel between Monmouthshire, Gloucestershire, and Aust!

    If you need a cheerleader in Chepstow get in touch!

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