Ashton Court Greenway Open

We managed it by Easter, as we said we would. The path linking the gate by UWE with the gate to Long Ashton village is now finished and open to the public.

In just 800m the route crosses meadows, looks from under branches up to the Mansion, and winds through a belt of woodland.

In keeping with the times, the path is a generous 2.5m wide at all points, so you can keep your distance.

We have even cut some seats in an old fallen tree, and spaced some logs with 2m spacing too.

We are immensely grateful to Chris, Ashley, Clive and Gordon from Safety Green Limited for seeing it through. Laying concrete while staying 2m apart takes some planning.

Thanks to our volunteers for their work in preparing the woodland and constructing the fences.

Thanks to UWE and Bristol City Council for permission to use their land and thanks to Steve Clampin and his team at Ashton Court for all their support too.

Thanks to Veolia Community Trust for funding the route – with help from Sustrans and North Somerset Council.




4 thoughts on “Ashton Court Greenway Open”

    1. Dear Carol
      If you go onto the Ashton Court Greenway page of the website you will find a map. The route is a straight line from the UWE entrance at the Bristol end to the entrance near the pub at the Long Ashton end.


  1. I am a former resident of Long Ashton and used this green way many times after it had opened. It is amazing, and enables walkers and cyclists to avoid the busy A370. My children had so much fun cycling up and down it and I used it to commute to work. Actually it made my cycle such a pleasant experience! Thank you so much to everyone who created it. Every one I know in Long Ashton absolutely loves it.


    1. Dear Becky,
      Thank you! We will pass on your comments to all those who helped make the route happen, and to the team of volunteers who help to look after it.
      Caroline Levett
      for Greenways and Cycleroutes Limited


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